beep beep… alarming situation for those girls who underestimate themselves.

most of the time girls loose their confidence by listening these stupid lines.

“oh look she’s so fat haha!!

she’s too small… she’s too heighted and skinny.”

don’t listen to them girls 😉

you! yes you baby u are perfect. u are perfect for your family for your special ones. don’t give a damn to those who underestimate you and your beauty.

OK let me talk about myself i was a pretty shy girl from my childhood and had zero confidence level. GOD KNOWS how i  completed my education specially in CO-University. i’ll write in detail about my shyness some-other time.

try these tips

  • you can be confident by making  eye contact. it can work wonders on how other people perceive you. don’t be afraid
  • you should have approachable body language  If you want others to approach you, make sure you’re approachable!
  • last but not the lest do one thing on daily basis stand infront of mirror and try to speak bluntly. speak on social issues i promise it will help u a lot! 🙂

“A real girl uses “i” statements to express herself”

keep in mind girls..

 you know what girls? the BIGGEST enemy of a women is another women who is jealous of her. yah “another women”. but don’t even give a damn to those ladies! they are in complex of things that u have they don’t have !!

cheer girls! live you life stay happy and show your middle finger to the haters who underestimate you!!

special message to mothers:

be your daughters best friend. raise confident daughter instead of a house worm.

self-confidence is the best outfit , rock it and own it!



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